12-Hour Rowing Shifts

“If I don’t close my eyes for literally two, three, five minutes, I’m done for.”


Omar Samra had to cope with an extreme bout of sea sickness. Omar Nour had to pick up extra shifts. On top of all that, a huge wave turns their boat upside down and puts them at the brink of death. How do you activate your calm response when your body is aching? And does going through stressful experiences shield us from similar ones in the future?

State of Mind is produced by Kerning Cultures Network.


State of Mind is hosted by Lobna Monieb. This episode was produced by Ban Barkawi and edited by Heba El-Sherif. Fact checking by Deena Sabry, and sound design by Monzer El-Hachem. Special thanks to Dr. Christoph Anacker for speaking to us for this episode. 


More about the film, Beyond the Raging Sea: https://www.beyondtheragingsea.com/.