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Founded in 2015, Kerning Cultures Network is the first venture-funded podcast company in the Middle East. We also happen to be female-led. Featuring a line up of award-winning immersive Arabic and English podcasts for curious listeners.

At Kerning Cultures, we tell the kinds of stories in which we can actually see ourselves. Because we love stories – really good stories, and there are so many from our region just waiting to be told.

We've Been Featured On...

“A new generation of young and forward-thinking producers are providing an alternative view on the Arab world.”

“One may think of it as the Gimlet Media of the Middle East.”

“This is a ‘This American Life’ for the Middle East. It’s that good.”

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Our Team

Hebah Fisher
Co-founder + CEO

Heba Afify
Managing Arabic Editor

Mohamad Khreizat
Audio Lead

Bella Ibrahim
Marketing Director

Alex Atack
Managing English Producer

Nadeen Shaker

Shahd Bani Odeh
Chief Arabic Editor

Dana Ballout
Editor + Producer

Shahad Altukhaim

Soumaya Bouabdellah
Community Manager

Zeina Dowidar

Fady Garas
Sound Designer

Our Advisors

Razan Alzayani

Kerri Hoffman