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Founded in 2015, Kerning Cultures Network is the first venture-funded podcast company in the Middle East. We also happen to be female-led. Featuring a line up of award-winning immersive Arabic and English podcasts for curious listeners.

At Kerning Cultures, we tell the kinds of stories in which we can actually see ourselves. Because we love stories – really good stories, and there are so many from our region just waiting to be told.

We've Been Featured On...

“A new generation of young and forward-thinking producers are providing an alternative view on the Arab world.”

“One may think of it as the Gimlet Media of the Middle East.”

“This is a ‘This American Life’ for the Middle East. It’s that good.”

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Interested in working with us, advertising your brand on podcasts, or pitching us a story? Read on below, and send us a note at

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Pitch Us a Story

Yes! If you’re pitching us as a listener, just write out the story idea in a few paragraphs.

If you want to produce the story with us, we pay freelancers on a sliding scale, dependent on the scope of work. We’re happy to work with non-professional audio producers – the most important thing is that you demonstrate a passion, knowledge, and interest in the story you’re pitching. We can help with the audio side of things.

Stories should take place in the Middle East (loosely defined geography), or its diaspora elsewhere in the world. Our episodes are typically sound-rich, character-driven stories about history, science, culture, or current events.

Stories should answer some kind of question by the end. There should be some kind of conflict, a plot. A good pitch will be surprising, and will be about something you’re fascinated by.

No, really, take a moment and ask yourself: is this something you’re obsessing over? Is it something you turn to friends at dinner and go, “Do you want to hear something crazy?”

In our interview tape, we look to hear vulnerability or enthusiasm or passion or excitement from our interviewees, depending on the story. We’re not interested in topics, themes, or abstract ideas. Those are actually the hardest to work backwards from and find an interesting story. Rather, we’re looking for actual persons, an event, a specific story. We also tend to stay away from news or heavily political stories.

Email your pitch to If you’re a listener, just a few simple paragraphs will do! If you’re a producer interested in working with us, send us the following:

  • Your name and contact info
  • Your story idea in one sentence
  • Location of proposed story
  • What is remarkable about this story? Why should anyone care?
  • Characters with brief bios, and what they each bring to the story
  • Who you have access to interview
  • Supplementary links (articles, other interviews, etc)
  • Previous radio/journalism experience (with links)
  • What audio equipment you have
  • The story beats (i.e, story arc)
  • Potential roadblocks and gaps in the story that you can foresee

Our Team

Hebah Fisher
Co-Founder and CEO

Heba Afify
Managing Editor for Arabic Production

Alex Atack
Managing Producer for English Production

Mohamad Khreizat
Sound Lead

Bella Ibrahim
Marketing Director

Shahd Bani Odeh
Senior Editor

Dana Ballout

Nadeen Shaker
Producer and Editor

Zeina Dowidar

Alma Intabli
Producer and Editor

Rand Khdair
Producer and Editor

Ahmed Feteha
Producer and Editor

Dina Salem

Nima Salha

Amany Adel
Associate Producer

Ahmed Ashour

Finbar Anderson

Heba El-Sherif

Lobna Monieb

Sarah Risheq

Ban Barkawi
Supervisory Producer

Al Shaibani

Paul Alouf
Sound Designer

Monzer El-Hachem
Sound Designer

Youssef Douazou
Sound Designer

Ahmed Mitry
Associate Sound Designer

Tamara Juburi

Deena Sabry

Batoul Khalifeh
Operations Manager

Maher Ali
Chief of Staff

Sally Lewis
Partnerships Lead

Soumaya Bouabdellah
Content Marketing Strategist

Ahmad Salhab
Graphic Designer

Tala Touckley
Video Editor

Our Advisors

Razan Alzayani

Ismat Abidi
Legal Advisor