Big Hass: Radio Host and Music Executive Producer

In 2008, Hassan Ahmad Dennaoui, a Jeddawi with a larger-than-life personality, came upon a mixtape with music from Arab hip hop artists like Narcy, Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, and Omar Offendum. What he heard changed his life.

Hassan – better known by his radio host and MC name Big Hass – is an authority when it comes to hip hop music in the region. From launching an Arab hip hop culture blog, to hosting the very first radio show playing hip hop music in Saudi Arabia, to even becoming a music executive producer, Hass has proven himself a pioneer and legend in the regional hip hop scene. In this episode, Hass sits down with Hebah Fisher to discuss his upbringing in Saudi Arabia, how he educated himself and others on hip hop culture, and his dreams for the regional hip hop scene. 

This episode is hosted by Dana Ballout and Hebah Fisher. Produced by Hager Eldaas with additional support from Ahmed Ashour, and edited by Dana Ballout. Research and fact checking by Deena Sabry, with sound design and mixing by Ahmed Mitry. Our marketing team includes Bella Ibrahim, Soumaya Bouabdellah, Ahmed Salhab, Nadine El Shiaty and Malak Jarrar. Batoul Khalifeh is our operations manager.

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Artists referenced in this episode:

  • Narcy
  • Shadia Mansour
  • Lowkey
  • Omar Offendum
  • DJ Kool Herc
  • Chuck D
  • Public Enemy
  • LL Cool J
  • Jeddah F.A.M
  • Dhad Graffiti
  • DJ Lethal Skillz
  • Big Moe
  • Nora Zeid
  • Oddisee

Songs referenced in this episode:

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