Cofounders speak at NYU Abu Dhabi

My cofounder Razan Alzayani and I spoke about "Middle East Media and its Role Shaping Perceptions" to faculty and students as part of the Arab Crossroads program lunchtime series

Arab Crossroads

As one of the only podcasts storytelling from the Middle East, we were excited to share our findings over the past 2 years creating audio across new markets like the Middle East and more mature podcasting markets like the United States and Europe. 

Because most of the audience comprised faculty from the Middle Eastern Studies department at NYU Abu Dhabi, many of whom are published or in the publishing space, the challenges and opportunities we have faced as an independent media company resonated across the room. 

We concluded the presentation looking forward to how we anticipate the media landscape to evolve in the coming years: we're optimistic. New media like podcasting companies are burgeoning at an exciting time where consumers are voting with their wallets for which media companies they want to support and help grow. The future of media is bright, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of what we believe will be a storytelling renaissance.   

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