First Seattle partnership & tonight's listening party

What a special evening. Tonight we hosted our third listening party in Seattle. It was our first local partnership with Slate Coffee Roasters. 

Kerning Cultures Slate Coffee

We debuted our latest episode, Serious Jolt, and facilitated a discussion afterwards. And then, we did something new: Slate Coffee brewed and prepared some of Port of Mokha's coffee, the coffee at the center of the Serious Jolt story. After hearing the story behind the coffee, we all got to actually sample it. As one listener told us afterwards, it was like bringing a tactile dimension to the podcast.

Photo Credit: Phil Macedo

Photo Credit: Phil Macedo

What was more, Chelsea Walker-Watson, one of the owners of Slate, and Craig Holt, owner of Atlas Coffee, honoured us with their presence. These two are coffee industry aficionados and longtime friends and colleagues of Mokhtar, our story's protagonist. Our listening community had many questions about how to grow coffee, what it meant to grow it in Yemen during the war, etc, and Craig and Chelsea were able to bring another layer of depth to the discussion. 

Signing off, happily caffeinated at midnight,