Daring Together

“Look, I’m suffering. I can’t talk right now.”

Up until Omar Samra and Omar Nour decided to row across the Atlantic Ocean, they were acquaintances. But after nearly dying together in the middle of the ocean, their relationship took a quick turn. How does the relationship between two people evolve when they have to depend on each other for survival?

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State of Mind is hosted by Lobna Monieb. This episode was produced by Ahmed Ashour and edited by Deena Sabry. Research and fact-checking by Deena Sabry, with additional support from Eman Al-Sharif. Sound Design by Monzer El-Hachem. Special thanks to Dr. Paul Forbes for speaking to us for this episode.  

More about the film, Beyond the Raging Sea: https://www.beyondtheragingsea.com/.

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