Introducing… Masafat

We’re excited to share another podcast from the Kerning Cultures Network with you.

Masafat is Kerning Cultures’ soul sister. It’s a series of Arabic audio documentaries driven by curiosity. Exploring unfamiliar dimensions from the past or the present.

In this episode, we introduce a music genre surrounded by a lot of controversy: Mahragant music in Egypt. Why do we only listen to Mahraganat by men? Why haven’t women broken into Mahraganat yet?

Masafat is a Kerning Cultures Network production. 

This episode was produced by Lobna Monieb, and edited by Shahd Bani Odeh and Alma Intabli. Editorial support by Heba Afify, Rand Khdair, Nadeen Shaker, Dina Salem and Nima Salha. Fact-checking by Tamara Jaburi. Sound design by Mohamad Khreizat. 

Listen to Masafat wherever you get your podcasts.