Introducing: State of Mind

What happens inside your mind when your body is pushed to its limits?

State of Mind is produced by Kerning Cultures Network.

State of Mind is hosted by Lobna Monieb. It’s also produced by Lobna, alongside Ahmed Ashour and Ban Barkawi. The show is edited by Heba El-Sherif, with additional support from  Deena Sabry. Deena is also the researcher and fact-checker with additional support from Eman Al-Sharif. Sound design is by Mohamad Khreizat, Monzer El-Hachem, and Youssef Douazou. Our marketing team includes Bella Ibrahim, Soumaya Bouabdellah, Omama Othman, Ahmad Salhab, Tala Touckley, and Batoul Khalifeh is our project manager.

Learn more about the film, Beyond the Raging Sea:

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