Jerusalem Calling

Because of what’s happening in Palestine this week, we’re holding off airing our usual programming. Instead we’re going to re-air one of our favourite episodes from last season: Jerusalem Calling. With this episode, we hope to remember the rich history of Palestine, and that the occupation and Israel’s apartheid policies go back decades. If you’d like to learn more about ways you can help Palestinians, we’ve put together a list of resources on our website, and will be sharing them on our Instagram this week: @kerningcultures.

The Palestine Broadcasting Service started airing in 1936, from a brand new transmitter tower in Ramallah. It was a British station in three languages, aimed at promoting the message of the mandate government throughout the region. But over the following decades, as Palestine saw political upheavals, bloody conflicts and power shifts, the radio station found itself in the middle of it all… and became a unique capsule of the events that lead up to the Nakba.

This episode was produced by Shahd Bani-Odeh, Alex Atack and Darah Ghanem, with editorial support from Dana Ballout, Nadeen Shaker, Tamara Rasamny, Zeina Dowidar and Dina Salem. Fact-checking by Zeina Dowidar and Dina Salem. Sound design by Alex Atack and mixing by Mohamed Khreizat. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network production.

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