KC Short: Mid-East for Trump

We delve into the little-known world of the Middle-Eastern Americans that support Donald Trump. In this episode, we talk to Ray and Hossein about their motivations that led them to vote for a candidate that many forecasted would be a step in the wrong direction for minorities in the United States. Through these interviews, they outline reasons that Trump appeared to them to be their best choice as Palestinian- and Iranian-American citizens, respectively.

Not only was the support verbal and ideological, but also financial. In their own respective ways, it could be argued that these two Muslim-Americans were significant contributors in paving the way to Trump’s success. While the opinions of these individuals might lie in a different place now that we’re just over half a year into Trump’s presidency, this episode provides a little insight into the early mindset of a very unique and specific group of voters that helped turn the tides in one of America’s most shocking elections to date. 

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NOTE: The views expressed herein do not reflect Kerning Cultures’ and Company’s personal views. As always, we remain agnostic.

Episode Credits

Produced by Razan Alzayani and Hebah Fisher, with sound design by Mohamad Khreizat. Special thanks to Lilly Crown for fact-checking.


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