My Mother's Country, Mother of the World

 Since the 1960s, Egypt has suffered from “brain drain,” the loss of many highly educated and talented minds to emigration. Do we owe something to the community and country that raised us? In this episode, we try to answer the question of why so many Egyptians are leaving the country.

Egypt is the #1 labour exporter of the Middle East and North Africa region, and, by 2013, 61% of Egyptian youth were willing to emigrate due to unemployment. However, something is also bringing some Egyptians back to their country. We explore the many reasons leading to mass emigration, the draw of Egypt’s unique atmosphere, and more in this two-part episode.

Episode Credits

Written by Hebah Fisher. Co-production by Razan Alzayani and Lilly Crown. Sound design by Ramzi Bashour. Special thanks to Iman Dawood, Abdulrahman Erlebach, Alaa Shaker, Sylvia, and Ahmed Yossef for sharing their stories with us. 

Music credits: Rachid Taha: Ya Raye7 (Chapter 1), Oum Kalthoum: بعيد عنك (Chapter 2)


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