Startup Series: Egypt

We take a look into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Egypt. As we take a look at four different individuals and their respective journeys, we also gather evidence as to why the country might not actually be the best place to start a business. A nearly unanimous response to the question “what’s it like starting a business in Egypt?” was that it is difficult. Very, very difficult.

Despite challenges, these young, adventurous, and driven minds venture onward with their aspirations. Unfortunately, the majority of this generation of innovators has found itself moving out of Egypt, as the country continues to experience a brain drain that began decades ago.

In this episode learn about how, even in the face of many odds, some of Egypt’s most accomplished entrepreneurs found success in the country they all hold close to their hearts.

Episode Credits & Notes

Produced by Hebah Fisher in partnership with Egyptian Streets, with sound design by Ramzi Bashour.  Additional music credit to Sultana Al Tarab (a 1978 film).


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