Startup Series: Lebanon

For years, the political landscape of Lebanon has been defined by inefficiency and corruption, and in recent times, the country’s citizens are pushing back. Between sit-ins, unjustly self-extended terms for Parliament, and the increasingly growing piles of garbage in the streets, it is difficult to imagine that this country grasping for order has any time or money for startups. And yet, through the Circular 331, $400 million in funding is available to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For the first time ever, banks were able to invest up to 3% of their capital in startups, and the central bank guaranteed 75% of those investments. Walid Singer and Samar Karam share with us the journeys of their respective entrepreneurial careers. While challenges are inevitable, Lebanon provides a fertile environment in which startups can grow and succeed.

The material and conversations for this piece took place prior to the You Stink protests; the impact of which is not referenced here. 

Episode Credits & Notes

Written and produced by Hebah Fisher in partnership with Egyptian Streets, with sound design by Ramzi Bashour.


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