Startup Series: UAE

Dubai is an incredibly young city, as the U.A.E. was only recently formed in 1971, and yet it ranks among the world’s top cities, such as New York and Paris. It is known as a city full of opportunity, and in this episode, we try to delve deeper into why this city has earned its title.

Despite the fact that the U.A.E. is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, it seems as though no one has time or money for startups. We hear from three individuals who found their own professional starts in this thriving city, and their reasons why, regardless of the challenges they faced, they chose this city to pursue their dreams in.

Episode Credits & Notes

Produced by Hebah Fisher in partnership with Egyptian Streets, with sound design by Ramzi Bashour.  Music Credit: Sultana Al Tarab (a 1978 film). 


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