The Baklava Challenge

We asked you, our listeners what you wanted to hear next, and you said, “Baklava!”. So our team competed against each other to find the best baklava story:

[03:55] Hebah’s Story: Harissat Al Halaby
[18:35] Alex’s Story: The World’s Largest Baklava
[33:50] Dana’s Story: Mama’s (Burnt) Baklava

After you listen, follow us on Instagram and vote for your favorite story. The winner gets a Nespresso machine courtesy of SceneEats, the go-to site for the latest food trends in Egypt. (Voting is now Closed)

Episode Credits & Notes

Thank you to Yahia El Halaby, Nihal, Muharrem Tuna, Fatih Akpinar, Dana’s lovely mom, Ghada, and to Hallie Davison, our listener and friend who suggested the baklava theme for this competition in the first place.

This episode was produced by Hebah Fisher, Dana Ballout and Alex Atack. Alex had production and translation support in Turkey from Dilara Çelik. Sound design by Mohamed Khreizat.


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