These Two Lanes Could Take Us Anywhere

Today we have a story about our beliefs. About the things we’re brought up to know to be true about ourselves. Beliefs so strong and powerful that they shape the identity, culture, and attitudes of an entire nation. And it’s also about how, not in one particular moment, but in the moments over time, when we begin to question those very stories… 

That uncomfortable space when we’re faced with another truth that contradicts our own… and, ultimately, the histories we were taught over the course of our entire lives. 

*Certain names and details of places have been kept out of this episode at the request of the characters.

Show Notes

Episode Credits

Produced by Jacqueline Sofia, with editorial support by Razan Alzayani, Hebah Fisher, Alex Atack, Percia Verlin, Lilly Crown, and Yahya Abou-Ghazala. Sound design by Ramzi Bashour, and original music by Raffi Wartanian and Ersin.


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