To Oslo, With Love

Elie was a journalist looking for her next story when she met Ziad at a party in Istanbul. Ziad was a Syrian refugee hoping to travel to Europe and apply for asylum. Elie asked Ziad if she could follow him to Norway, his final destination, and document the journey. He said yes. So commences their odyssey together... and the beginning of a journey neither could have anticipated.

Correction: In the episode, we say that Thessaloniki and Kavala are islands. They are Greek mainland cities, not islands.

Episode Credits & Notes

A huge thanks to Elie Gardner and Ziad Altaha for sharing their story with us, as well as 20+ hours of recordings from their 2-week journey together.

This episode was produced by Percia Verlin and Hebah Fisher. Sound design by Mohamed Khreizat, with editorial support by Alex Atack, Dana Ballout, Bella Ibrahim, and Mayada Ghazala.


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