What's in a Name?

Two Iraqi brothers move to the United States as young boys in the early 1960s. They face a public that can't pronounce their Arabic names, so, they change them. What ensues is confusion, comedy, and some healthy soul searching.

Today on Kerning Cultures, we explore the weight names carry.

After we released our What's in a Name episode, a listener wrote in asking for... more. So, here it is: a mashup from you, our listening community, exploring the literal meanings and experiences of your Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew names.

Episode Credits

What’s in a Name?
Produced by Tara Shallal, Yahya Abou-Ghazala, and Hebah Fisher, with editorial support from Percia Verlin and Lilly Crown. Sound design by Mohamed Khreizat. 

What’s in Your Name?
Produced by Percia Verlin. Featuring listener voices of Ghenwa Hakim, Namariq Alrawi, Sarah Elnahal, Neda Mobasser, Jinous Kazemi, and Mo Hashem. 


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