Where the Heart Is

In this episode, we follow Maysam’s story. For his entire life, Maysam has lived in Dubai. His parents are from Syria, a place he hasn’t visited since he was a young child. If you ask him, the UAE is his home. But on paper it isn’t, and likely never will be. So what happens when the only place you know as home in your heart can’t be your home forever?

We’d love to hear your stories about where you call, or don’t call, home.
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Episode Credits

Thank you to Maysam for sharing his story, and to Evan Collisson and Bertrand Trichet for letting us use their photographs.

This episode was produced by Alex Atack and Hebah Fisher, with editorial support from Razan Alzayani, Lilly Crown, Laura Saab, Jackie Sofia, and Percia Verlin. Sound design by Fady Garas. Music from Podington Bear, Blue Dot Sessions, David Szesztay and Phantom K.


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