Khaled Kteily: Founder & CEO of Legacy

When Khaled Kteily told his colleagues he was quitting his job to get into the sperm business, he raised a few eyebrows. But in his words, the idea to launch a digital male fertility clinic was his “one hit wonder” and he never looked back ever since. 

In this episode of al empire, Khaled chats with Dana Ballout about the misconception of fertility being exclusively a woman’s responsibility and why every man should consider investing a small price to freeze their sperm. They get into it all: the epiphany that drove him to start Legacy, the ethos of building his business, and of course countless sperm puns. 

This episode was produced by Finbar Anderson and Alex Atack with additional support from Ban Barkawi. Editing was by Dana Ballout and fact checking was by Deena Sabry. Sound design and mixing was by Youssef Douazou. Our marketing team is Bella Ibrahim, Soumaya Bouabdellah, Ahmed Salhab, Nadine El Shiaty and Malak Jarrar. Batoul Khalifeh is our operations manager. A Big thanks to Mazen Hashem at Solo Films for the studio in Beirut. 

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