Lebanon, USA 2.0

This week, a special collaboration with one of our all time favourite podcasts: Radiolab. We produced the episode – Lebanon USA – last year, and Radiolab have taken that original story and elevated it to a whole new level.

This is a story of a road trip. After a particularly traumatic Valentine’s Day, Fadi Boukaram was surfing google maps and noticed that there was a town called Lebanon… in Oregon. Being Lebanese himself, he wondered, how many Lebanons exist in the US? The answer: 47. Thus began his journeyto visit them all and find an America he’d never expected, and the homeland he’d been searching for all along.

The original “Lebanon USA” story was produced by Alex Atack with editorial support from Bella Ibrahim, Dana Ballout, Zeina Dowidar and Hebah Fisher. Sound design by Alex Atack. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network production.

The new update of the story was produced and produced by Shima Oliaee and Jad Abumrad, with original music by Thomas Koner and Jad Atoui.

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