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Leveraging Podcasts During Ramadan

It’s no secret that habits shift, schedules get upended, and we all settle into a new lifestyle during the month of Ramadan. As media consumption spikes, Ramadan is the most-awaited season for brands, advertisers, and production houses to capitalise on this increased demand for entertainment. 

Podcasts should similarly be top of mind as a media strategy for your brand. As more conservative audiences stray away from music (76% of regional audiences stop listening to music altogether), they turn to podcasts as more amenable, spoken word audio. Podcasts see an overall 22% additional uplift in consumption during Ramadan amongst Saudi audiences, according to a survey by Next Broadcast Media.  

Advertisers should consider podcast advertising as a supplemental placement for your campaigns this month. 53% of consumers across MENA spend more during Ramadan (YouGov). Google Search for “buy now pay later” increases 110% during Ramadan (Google). 

Consumption and purchases are at an all-time high this month. According to research conducted by Tapestry on behalf of the Guardian, podcast advertising demonstrates double the effectiveness of other digital ad campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, YouTube) when it comes to conversion rates. Moreover, combined with other media placements, the overall effectiveness of an omnichannel ad campaign is maximized when it also includes podcasts. Podcast advertising campaigns combined with a digital display make campaigns more memorable and trustworthy, increasing trust levels amongst audiences from 45% to 63% when podcasts were added to campaigns. 

This Ramadan, consider podcasts.