Maha Abouelenein: CEO & Founder of Digital & Savvy

Young Maha Abouelenein was always full of confidence. It was a trait her dad instilled in her from a very young age and she carried it with her throughout her life. It helped her launch her career in Egypt in the late 90s, starting in the telecoms business and later navigating several industries to become the renowned communications superstar she is today. 

In this inspiring conversation, Maha speaks to Dana Ballout about how a little Egyptian girl raised in a small Minnesota town goes on to build an empire that straddles the US and the Middle East. She opens up about her journey to bridge the cultural differences in communication styles between the two regions and her experience in managing the personal brands of celebrity clients including Gary Vaynerchuk, Karen Wazen and others. 

This episode was produced by Ban Barkawi, edited by Heba El-Sherif and hosted by Dana Ballout. Fact checking was by Deena Sabry and sound design and mixing by Monzer El-Hachem. Batoul Khalifeh is our operations manager.

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