Majid Al Maskati: Music Artist, Majid Jordan

There wasn’t a huge emphasis on music education when Majid Al Maskati was growing up in his home country of Bahrain. But an unlikely chain of events would somehow lead this young man with big dreams from a small Gulf island to co-create a hit single for Drake and get signed under his label. In this episode, Majid speaks to Hebah Fisher about his musical awakening that started with him and his producing partner Jordan Ullman making songs together from a dorm room and a basement. Eventually the pair would become the renowned R&B duo Majid Jordan. Hear Majid tell his story: his upbringing, the CD that brought him fame, a magical Coachella performance and hopes for the future.

This episode is hosted by Hebah Fisher and Dana Ballout. It was produced by Ban Barkawi, Finbar Anderson, and Hager Eldaas and was edited by Heba El-Sherif. Fact checking was by Tamara Juburi and sound design and mixing by Youssef Douazou. Batoul Khalifeh is our operations manager.

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Songs featured in this episode:

Hold Tight – Majid Jordan

Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake ft Majid Jordan

Songs referenced in this episode:

Chill Pad Deluxe – Majid Jordan

After Hours Mixtape

Take Off Your Cool – Outkast

One More Time – Daft Punk

Buy U a Drank – T-Pain

Oceans – Majid Al Maskati

White Among the Blue – Majid Al Maskati

Waves of Blue – Majid Jordan

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