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Podcast Advertising Works

Written by: Sally Lewis, Partnerships Lead

We already know that podcast listeners demonstrate stronger engagement than other digital media. This is typically because audiences choose to listen to podcasts while driving, exercising, or doing other activities that require minimal cognitive load– meaning they can focus on the podcast and its messaging. 

Let’s see how this plays out in a real-life case study with Kerning Cultures Network. 

The opportunity: King’s Interhigh wanted to increase their signups in the MENA region.

Steps to success:

  • To reach more “Locals & Expats” and share more information about King’s Interhigh” in the MENA region, we produced the ad creative for the client. Utilising our storytelling expertise, we created 2 ad versions to ensure freshness for the listener, messaging that fit Arab culture for this international institution, and that the campaign was in a tone that blended with the podcast itself. 
  • The ads were host-read, which statistically demonstrates 9% greater brand recall than a non-host read ad (Source: Nielsen)
  • We selected to run the campaign at the start of the new year, to catch families when they start planning their budgets for the coming year.
  • We selected the right audience targeting across our network of 16 original podcasts, aligned with King’s Interhigh target student. 

The Success:

  • January 2023, was the first time for King’s Interhigh to include podcast advertising in their marketing efforts.; The campaign ran for 4 weeks. As a result they saw a 154% increase in the number of leads versus January 2022.

The short: podcast advertising works.