بودكاست علمي جدا

Shed light on the world’s mysteries, with a dash of fun and science.

مضلة صقر | Saqr’s Eclipse

Curiosity killed the cat.

لقمة ولمة | Lo’ma o Lamma

Food that brings us together.

فاصلة | Faslah

In the midst of chaos, a pivot changes our destiny.

أخبار التك | Akhbar el Tech

Your daily dose of the top tech news in MENA.

على الأصول | Aal Osoul

Where do our Ramadan traditions come from?

حكايات رمضان | Hkayat Ramadan

Bite-sized folktales to fill your Ramadan with joy.

بحب | B’Hob

Stories about the energy that moves the universe.

جسدي | Jasadi

Stories and experiences about our relationship with our bodies.

سكون | Sukoun

Honest self-reflection, conversations, and personal experiences with mental wellness. 

مننا منكم | Minnana Minnakum

Alaa Balkhy has heart-to-heart conversations with inspiring women.

كُزبرة | Kuzbara

About that breath that unites us.

مسافات | Masafat

Stories driven by curiosity.

معايير السّمع | Listening Measures

A collective audio memoir featuring voices of youth from MENA on the beat of Lo-fi music.

اسحب لليسار | Swipe Left

Swipe left is a podcast about the quest for love in the 21st century, about the constant disappointments and about the happy ending we crave but can’t see in the horizon yet.

بزنس المحتوى | Business Almohtawa

Discover the world of content industry in all its dimensions, and get to know its creators and the challenges they face up close, in “Business Almohtawa” podcast.


al empire | الإمباير

Exceptional Arabs from around the world, and their journey to the top.

Kerning Cultures | كيرنينج كلتشرز

Stories from the Middle East & North Africa, and the spaces in between.

Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind

What happens inside your mind when your body is pushed to its limits?