بودكاست علمي جدا

Shed light on the world’s mysteries, with a dash of fun and science.

مضلة صقر | Saqr’s Eclipse

Curiosity killed the cat.

لقمة ولمة | Lo’ma o Lamma

Food that brings us together.

فاصلة | Faslah

In the midst of chaos, a pivot changes our destiny.

أخبار التك | Akhbar el Tech

Your daily dose of the top tech news in MENA.

على الأصول | Aal Osoul

Where do our Ramadan traditions come from?

حكايات رمضان | Hkayat Ramadan

Bite-sized folktales to fill your Ramadan with joy.

بحب | B’Hob

Stories about the energy that moves the universe.

جسدي | Jasadi

Stories and experiences about our relationship with our bodies.

سكون | Sukoun

Honest self-reflection, conversations, and personal experiences with mental wellness. 

مننا منكم | Minnana Minnakum

Alaa Balkhy has heart-to-heart conversations with inspiring women.

كُزبرة | Kuzbara

About that breath that unites us.

مسافات | Masafat

Stories driven by curiosity.

معايير السّمع | Listening Measures

A collective audio memoir featuring voices of youth from MENA on the beat of Lo-fi music.

اسحب لليسار | Swipe Left

Swipe left is a podcast about the quest for love in the 21st century, about the constant disappointments and about the happy ending we crave but can’t see in the horizon yet.


al empire | الإمباير

Exceptional Arabs from around the world, and their journey to the top.

Kerning Cultures | كيرنينج كلتشرز

Stories from the Middle East & North Africa, and the spaces in between.

Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind

What happens inside your mind when your body is pushed to its limits?