Quick Nap in a Wet Sock

“The only time that’s enjoyable is when you’re unconscious.”


The only break Omar Samra and Omar Nour get after their two-hour rowing shifts is a 40-minute nap in a two-meter wide cabin, using a wet sheet and a crumpled wet t-shirt for a pillow. When your only break from intense physical stress and mental anxiety is a few hours of intermittent sleep per day, how does this drastic pattern change affect your brain, and what dark places does your mind wander to?

State of Mind is produced by Kerning Cultures Network.


State of Mind is hosted by Lobna Monieb. This episode was produced by Lobna Monieb and edited by Heba El-Sherif with support from Deena Sabry. Fact-checking by Deena Sabry, and sound design by Youssef Douazou. Special thanks to Dr. Neil Stanley for speaking to us for this episode. 


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