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What happens when ISIS drives you out of your homeland? Leaving behind his career as an emergency-room doctor, Ihsan was forced out of Iraq and into an uncertain future. He eventually landed in Texas, and is rebuilding his life from the ground up. He’s been documenting his exhausting journey as a refugee on Instagram as @therefugee13. We followed his experience over the past two years for a rare glimpse into the challenges, lessons, and quirks that he encountered along the way.

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Episode Credits & Notes

This episode was produced by Dana Ballout and Hebah Fisher, with sound design by Mohamed Khreizat. Special thanks to Fady Garas for playing Ihsan in the English version of our story, and of course, to Ihsan for sharing his story with us. And, to all organisations who help refugees resettle like the International Organisation for Migration, UNHCR, and the International Rescue Committee - thank you.