After immersing himself in the specialty coffee world of California, Mokhtar noticed that there was a lack of Yemeni coffee representation and decided to visit Yemen’s coffee farms in 2013. Navigating the war-torn country and facing multiple near-death experiences along the way, he finally brought Yemeni Port of Mokha coffee to the world stage at the Specialty Coffee Association Event in 2015. Mokhtar continues to run Port of Mokha despite challenges posed by the ongoing Yemeni war, and is able to pay his farmers some of the highest possible wages, ensuring a positive living standard for his coffee family.

Port of Mokha

Episode Credits

Produced by Hebah Fisher and Percia Verlin, with editorial support by Razan Alzayani. Special thanks to Samira Pakmehr for transcription and research, and to Mohamed Khreizat for sound design.