We also produce audio stories in partnership with brands. Perhaps your company wants to be affiliated with high quality conversations and interviews, or you want the real, honest profiles of your customers and staff to help build a shared experience of your brand - or, something completely innovative and unique. 

Partner with Kerning Cultures for white label branded stories, or we can co-brand with you. 

Drop us a line at info@kerningcultures.com and we'll set up a call.

In partnership with Emerge85, Kerning Cultures tells economic stories from the Middle East. Here's one about the Rise of the Filipino Middle Class in Dubai (begins at 23:37). 

Kerning Cultures - حكايات رمضان

In the summer of 2016, Producer Ahmad Zeid began experimenting with a special Arabic series to showcase some of our region's heritage through documented historical short stories. These classical Arabic shorts will take you back in time.

سلسلة ٌقصصيةُ هدفها الامتاع، تروي في كل حلقة قصةً حقيقيةً من كتبِ التراث العربي. بعض هذه القصص يتسمُ بالطرافة، وأخرى نتعرّفُ من خلالها على حدثٍ تاريخيٍ أوجانبٍ اجتماعيٍ للحُقبة ذات الصلة.