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listener-inspired episodes

The Descent

Inspired by your pitch…

I don’t know quite how you work, so I’ll give you my background and see how it goes. I’m a Lebanese explorer and philanthropist. I have been exploring mostly caves, and managed to reach the deepest cave in the world.


Inspired by your pitch…

“Mohamed Salah! Anything about the Egyptian team and the World Cup.”

what’s in a name?

Inspired by your pitch…

”I think a universal topic that Arabs abroad face is having non Arabs pronounce their name. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not. What's in a name?” 


Serious jolt

Inspired by your pitch…
”There's this Yemeni guy who is tearing up qat farms in Yemen and building coffee farms instead. He's able to pay his farmers more for their coffee growing than for qat growing, and his coffee his now the best in the world. It sells for $16 at Blue Bottle in San Francisco.”