tell me something i don't know 

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For today's story we're going to Palestine and Israel. But this isn't a story about dialogue, or peace initiatives. This is a story about what the people on the streets think when you ask.


Videos referenced in this episode:

Secular Jewish Israelis: Would you date someone not Jewish? Video link

Palestinians: Would You Marry a Jew? Video link

Israelis: Are you willing to compromise for peace with Palestinians? Video link

Palestinians: Are you willing to compromise for peace with Israelis? Video link

Israelis: Do you have any Palestinian friends? Video link

Palestinians: What do you have in common with Israelis? Video link

Palestinians: If you met an Israeli, what would you do? Video link

Palestinians: Have you ever experienced kindness from Israelis? Video link

Mizrahim/Arab Jews: do you get offended when someone calls you Arabs? Video link

Palestinians: Can a restaurant open during Ramadan? Video link