The Fishermen

Ramchandra Tendel arrived to Abu Dhabi from India in 1989, when he was 20. Since, he’s been captain of a fishing boat. Last May, the nets he uses to fish were banned in the UAE; they were causing too much harm to fish stocks. But the ban also means Ramchandra and his crew can’t fish anymore. This week on Kerning Cultures, Ramchandra and his crew’s last week in the UAE.

Special thanks to Vipruta Vagadiya, Ramchandra Tendel and his crew, and Fatma Al Sayegh.

This episode was produced by Noon Salih, with editorial support from Alex Atack, Dana Ballout, and Hebah Fisher. Sound design by Mohamed Khreizat. Fact checking by Zeina Dowidar. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network production.

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