We believe in the power of audio storytelling.

Our Mission

As children of the Middle East, we have grown up surrounded by regional and international media that pigeonholes the Middle East and North Africa into politics.

At Kerning Cultures, we tell the kinds of stories in which we can actually see ourselves, the kinds of stories we want to discuss with our friends over warm cups of coffee on cozy sofas. Because we love stories - really good stories, and there are so many from our region just waiting to be told. 

Eh, what's with your name? 

Commonly asked question, my friend. "Kerning" is a process in typography: the sizing of spaces between letters in a font, so that the font can be easily read and aesthetically pleasing. We loved the metaphor of cultures kerning through our stories. 

Poetic, huh? 

Where you can listen 

You can listen to us on our episode page where you can read more about our stories, or you can listen to us on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or wherever you listen to your podcasts.